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Chains, Hoses & Fittings

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Durability, efficiency, versatility and reliability are all qualities you can depend on when purchasing a chain from your local Hyster/UNISOURCE dealer. The UNISOURCE leaf chain is constructed from interfaced heat-treated steel link plates specifically designed for lifting. The roller chain is also fabricated to the same high standards of quality as our leaf chain and is suited to power transmission and materials handling conveyor applications. A guide to chain inspection and its potential conditions, including symptoms, probable causes and corrective actions, is found in this section. Meets Industrial Regulations: ANSI B29.8/NFE 26107 (ISO 4347/DIN 8152).


The UNISOURCE Lift Truck Hose & Fittings Program is intended to greatly reduce your need to stock hydraulic and pneumatic hose assemblies, with a resulting savings in space, effort, and cost. Using a proven field-crimping system, the UNISOURCE program permits quick and easy assembly of factory-quality hose assemblies as needed. Stocking requirements are reduced to a supply of bulk SAE hose types and sizes and a selection of fittings.